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REC translates requirements into rapidly deployable solutions.


Rapidly and cost effectively develop, adapt, and deliver technical capabilities and operational support services that directly address urgent requirements for individuals and commercial entities alike, regardless of sector. 

We do not wait for requirements documents...

We support their development.

We do not wait for requests for proposals...

We demonstrate capabilities.

We do not wait for investor funding...

We invest in the future. 

We treat urgent technical and operational requirements as they should be treated...

Businesses and the families that run them depend on it. 

We do this ahead of demand and ahead of market.

Before profit and driven by the passion in what we do. 

Our team is constantly innovating based on its own operational and developmental experience and by listening and immediately responding to the challenges facing our clients across the nation. Our focus is on providing customers with the most reliable, cost effective, and precise solution possible. Whether it be agricultural, real estate, film production, or even for emergency rescue services, we've done it.

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