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REC translates operational requirements into rapidly deployable solutions.

A truly rapid approach to supporting special mission requirements.


Rapidly and cost effectively develop, adapt, and deliver technical capabilities and operational support services that directly address urgent requirements of the U.S. Government and its mission partners in austere environments

around the world. 

We do not wait for requirements documents...

We support their development.

We do not wait for requests for proposals...

We demonstrate capabilities.

We do not wait for government funding...

We invest in the future. 

We treat urgent technical and operational requirements as they should be treated...

Lives depend on it. 

We do this ahead of demand and ahead of market.

Before profit and driven by a sense of duty. 

Our team is constantly innovating based on its own operational experience and by listening and immediately responding to the challenges facing our mission partners around the world. Our focus is on providing land, sea and air based intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance solutions, weapon systems and technical collection capabilities that support the Global War on Terror and related Overseas Contingency Operations.

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Manned & Unmanned
Special Mission Aircraft

Military Humvee

Concept development through full rate production.

Electrical engineer working on circuit board

C4I Subsystems

Electronic Subsystems for land, sea and airborne applications


Turnkey system deployment and operational support services.

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Las Vegas, NV, USA

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