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Capabilities Development

REC representatives guide customers through a number of challenges related to the ISR mission set and UAV platform. REC specializes in assisting customers in TTP development/refinement, establishing a new ISR capability, and working with customers to select an appropriate platform and payload based on a particular need. REC leverages years of experience gained at the highest standards of performance to produce unique, impactful service to its customers.


We provide payloads, backhaul communications, SUAS, UAS, OPV and conventional airframes.  We create systems from the ground up and assist customers in creating customized concepts of operation. We support the entire ecosystem of unmanned & manned special mission aircraft from consultation and support to complete turnkey solutions. 

Typical Areas of Support 

  • Platform Selection

  • Logistical Footprint Evaluation

  • Site Survey (atmospheric / electronic spectrum)

  • Payload Selection

  • Datalink and Communications Selection

  • Customized Systems 

  • Manning Requirements

  • Maintenance requirements

  • Logistical Requirements

  • Ground Control Stations

  • Tactical Operations Centers

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