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Support Services

REC works with customers in a number of fields with leading edge technology. Our Solutions include:

  • Agriculture

    • We assist in water management and crop health.​

  • Construction

    • We can provide 3D models or generate landscape models.​

  • Oil & Gas

    • Model Replication for degradation over time analysis.​

  • Renewable Energy

    • Site Surveying for system deployments.​

  • Utility

    • Power Generation and Distribution Inspections at scale.​

  • Property Management

    • Completely automated, database model analysis.​

  • Roofing

    • Dangerous pitch, time modeling, cost saving approach to all forms of structural capping.​

  • Inspection

    • The bulk, bread and butter of services, all services culminate in a single point data entry and retrieval system for both users and specialists.​

  • Mining and Quarries

    • Maintenance overwatch, soil survey, inspections, we do it all.​

  • Professional Services

    • We offer a turn key solution for businesses, which can generate reports quarterly or as needed.​

  • Classroom Education

    • Starting your own business? Let us give you the tips you'll need to succeed!​

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