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Mission Support Services

REC provides end to end support for Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS) & Manned Special Mission Aircraft. REC maintainers, flight crew and systems specialists are ready to meet customer operational needs with minimal lead time and at a fraction of the cost. With years conducting operations for the US Department of Defense, Law enforcement, Emergency Response and other commercial & government entities, REC personnel provide unmatched experience and expertise to any customer requirement.

Sensor Operators / Payload Maintainers (Manned & Unmanned)

• Hood Tech

• Raytheon - MTS series

• L-3/Wescam  - MX series

• FLIR  - payloads

• Cloud Cap - Tase Series 

• General Dynamics - Cineflex Series

• UAV Vision - CM Series


UAV Operators / Maintainers

• MQ-1 Predator

• MQ-9 Reaper

• ScanEagle / Night Eagle

• Numerous small UAS platforms Fixed/Rotary & VTOL hybrid

• Piccolo Based UAS

• PixHawk Based UAS


ISR Mission Coordinators

• Specialists with experience commanding high-profile, sensitive ISR missions.

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